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February 4 – March 29, 2015

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Beginning in 1837, a serialized novel depicting the adventures of a vulnerable orphan boy surprised and even shocked Victorian sensibilities with its portrayal of the injustices toward the poor; and its deeply critical depiction of London's criminal underworld.  But this ingenious work also never failed to delight with its vibrant characters and a storyline that unfolds towards a heartening and profound conclusion. Such was the power of Charles Dickens’ pen.

It is the goal of puppeteer David Simpich to bring this mastery to light and life through the medium of puppet theatre… using marionette actors and Dickens’ central themes to steer him. The adventures of literature’s most renowned orphan now play on the Simpich Showcase stage with all the passion, pathos and color that distinguish this beloved tale.

Recommended For Adults and Children Age 6 and Up

Simpich Character Doll Founder Jan Simpich Passed Away on May 19, 2014. Click here for information on her amazing life and view a special slide show.

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The gallery is also currently displaying the work of Jan Simpich, David Simpich and other esteemed artists from the Colorado Springs area

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