Simpich Showcase is dedicated to displaying, protecting and advancing the heritage of the Simpich Character Doll enterprise, which operated exclusively through our historic Old Colorado City building from 1978 through 2007. In addition to the preservation efforts of our elaborate Museum, we offer for purchase the largest variety of Simpich Dolls available today through our Museum Store and this new Online Character Doll Shop!

Each handmade figure, which is brought to us through our secondary market Consignment Service, is carefully inspected by the Simpich family and only dolls in pristine condition are available for purchase. It is our express purpose to maintain the quality and value of Simpich Dolls in the secondary market, so that their heritage and unique worth for future generations will not be diminished. We currently offer an impressive variety of pieces, which range from Bob and Jan Simpich's later designs, to charming vintage pieces from the 1950's and 60's. Please take time to browse through the figures available today online; and if you do not find what your looking for, call us at 719.465.2492. We maintain a waiting list of desired figures and will notify you if they become available in our store.

Shipping Note: Because Simpich Dolls are no longer produced and are therefore irreplaceable, all figures in our Online Shoppe will be shipped Priority Mail, certified and insured. If you need your order expedited, call us at 719.465.2492 during regular business hours and we will be happy to assist you.


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